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Engineering Industries Chamber Contact

1195 Nile Corniche, Boulaq, Cairo Governorate

(+202) 25774334- 25778060- 25774112

(+202) 25770889

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Alexandria office : 65 El horyia Street, in front of Alexandria old government building, first floor Alexandria .

+2033928622 , mobile +201019111891

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Engineering Chamber History

Engineering Industries Chamber History

Engineering Chamber History :CHAMBER OF ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES (CEI) was established according to the presidential decree number 453 for the year 1958. In 1981 another presidential decree regulated the election of its board members. The chamber hosts more than 4000 members.

Engineering Chamber Objectives

Objectives of Engineering Chamber

  • Directly representing its members, interests in governmental and legislative bodies, as well as other local and international associations.
  • Participating to developing policies that result in investment and business environments conductive to rapid growth of the industry
  • Cooperation in Total Quality applications and support of Research Programs.
  • Coordinating and promoting technical training to enhance productivity of human resources.
  • Contributing to the development of Egyptian labor ability..
  • Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and promoting a free market and free competition environment that ensures the development of this vital sector, which is an important pillar of the Egyptian economy development..
  • Improving the quality of life by encouraging members to participate in community development of environmental and social issues and promote volunteer work of industrial business men.
  • Sharing and participating in committee’s activities, local and international conferences that are of interest to industrial development..
  • Supporting in studying of increasing local content in manufactured products.
  • Integration of production potential between manufacturing entities.
  • Contributing to the development of Egyptian industry by advising with new technology and international quality standards
  • Provide its members with export chances by participating in international fairs, and conferences
  • Exchange experience and good trading models between members.





Engineering Chamber Services

What We Do :

  • Represents the interests of its members to key business stakeholders and influencers ( government authorities and other entities)
  • Informing members with exporting opportunities.
  • Informing members for local and international exhibitions
  • Providing all information related to manufacturing, and production operations, technology, equipments and the know-how sources.
  • Available data base for all engineering industrial capabilities and its fields for all chamber members ,also the chamber portal services
  • Our member to member offers feature in our quarterly chamber industrial magazine
  • Has a new office in Alexandria to provide similar services as its head office in Cairo

Engineering Chamber Membership Guidelines

Membership Guidelines

Provide copy of the following: * Commercial Register * IDA approval letter * tax ID Then fill and Submit chamber application to one to its office branch

Engineering Chamber Mission and Vision

Engineering Chamber Mission and Vision

VISION:Chamber of engineering industries will become a strong and important influence organization on the local, regional and international levels; moreover will play a key role to be known to all parties as a reinforcement for competitiveness of the engineering industries in Egypt; also to promote the branded Egyptian trade names with its quality, among consumers in Egypt and throughout the world; development of the chamber executive system to be able to fulfill this role ;as well as to Create the role of training and consultant in fields of technology, quality and protect the environment. 

MISSION:Create a better favorite environment for Engineering Industries in Egypt. 


Engineering Chamber Divisions

Engineering Chamber Divisions

  • Manufacture of fabricated metal products
  • Feeding industry and Semi finished products
  • Metal furniture’s, household and sanitary ware Industries
  • The Industrial Machinery & Equipment industry
  • Manufacture of electrical equipment and machinery
  • Electrical machines , Appliances , Supplies, Cables and Distribution panels
  • Vehicle and other transport equipment Industries
  • Medical equipments and instruments
  • Computing, Electronic Industries and Communication
  • Industrial services providers





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    1195 Nile Corniche,

    Boulaq, Cairo Governorate


    +20(2) 25797074-6




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