FEI Services


  • Service-oriented organization
  • Economic Studies & Researches
  • Legal and Financial Services
  • Marketing
  • Public: Such as Egypt Air & Thomas Cook protocols for members' discounts.
  • Social: Providing Health care Project: Coverage for members & their families.
  • Technical: Offer loans to industrial enterprises to reconciliate their environmental situation [Environmental Compliance].
  • Technical Consultations & Labor Training.
  • Assist senior management set plans & business development through IMC via 3 programs:
    • Increasing Competitive Ability - locally.
    • Increasing Competitive Ability - nationally.
    • Increasing Competitive Ability - internationally.
  • Egyptian International Trade Point.
  • Services pertaining to Subsidy, Dumping and Protective Measures: FEI has presented a guide for utilizing trade measures to face the implications of the global crisis

Vision and Mission

VISION: To create a strong and stable industrial society that is globally competitive being the main catalyst for development and prosperity in Egypt.

MISSION:  As the 'Voice of Industry in Egypt', FEI strives to drive industrial economic growth domestically, regionally and globally employing an independent proactive, sustainable and integrated approach to competitiveness and integrity while maintaining the needs and interests of all stakeholders. FEI will continue to develop value programs, quality services and persistent advocacy efforts aiming at uplifting the performance of the industrial sector, and proactively tackle its problems in order to develop and promote the economic well-being of its members. The improved competitiveness of members’ enterprises, their welfare, success and well-protected rights would lead to significant economic progress of the nation.


The Federation of Egyptian Industries works at building strong strategic alliances and partnerships with national, regional and international reputable, specialized and professional entities for the benefit of its members and the industrial sector at large. Some of these are:





FEI maintains core values in its endeavor to pushing forward the industrial economy of the nation with Advocating Growth and Prosperity, Corporate Social Responsibility and Collective Action at heart . In addition, FEI aspires to:


  • Providing professional representation & advocacy of member interests locally & globally.
  • Facilitating access to essential knowledge, information, advice and consultation services.
  • Promoting economic development via: Advancing the usage of clean & innovative technologies.
  • Supporting entrepreneurship and initiatives for marginalized sectors.
  • Forging & strengthening cooperation and alliances with international organizations & institutions.
  • Minimizing administrative, regulatory and other potential burdens on businesses and startups.
  • Extending training & capacity building opportunities.
  • Supporting business development needs.
  • Promoting corporate social responsibility, sustainability awareness and best practices in each industrial sector.

About FEI

The Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI) is one of the country’s largest employers’ associations, with 19 active industrial chambers as members, representing over 104,000 industrial enterprises out of which more than 90% belong to the private sector; accounting for more than 2 million workers and 18% of the national economy.
Since its inception The Federation of Egyptian Industries [FEI] has been carrying out its responsibilities towards defending and supporting Egyptian industries, firmly believing in industry as the pillar of the sustainable development of the country and as the tool to alleviate poverty and attain prosperity.
Therefore, FEI effectively advocates the common interests of its members and defends their positions towards governmental and legislative bodies, as well as other local and international associations.



A Trade and Industry Committee

A Trade and Industry Committee was formed and produced a report that is considered the real birth of industrial awareness in Egypt.


Association of Industries in Egypt

Foundation of the “Association of Industries in Egypt” the primary official industrial partner of the government in implementing its economic development policy.


The First Industrial Chamber

The first industrial chamber was formed to represent all industrialists working in the field of Navigation.


'The Federation of Egyptian Industries' established

The law no. 73 for the year 1947 established a federation for the industrial chambers, which was called for the first time “The Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI).


Development and Organization

The law no. 21 was issued, followed by the Presidential Decrees no. 452 organizing FEI, and no. 453 organizing the Chambers. The FEI and Chambers continued to develop and evolve through various ministerial decrees aiming strengthening chambers, increasing the number of members in chambers, as well as organizing themselves into determining the number of representatives of each industry in the Board of Directors of the FEI.


Structuring and Elections

A Presidential Decree was issued to regulate the structure and board elections of FEI and its member industrial chambers.


10th of Ramdan

It covers the governorates of Sharkia, Ismailia, Obour and Badr cites.


It covers the of Alexandria , Behera and Marsa Matruh governorates.

New Damietta

It covers the Damietta, Dakahlia and Port Said governorates .


It covers the governorates Aswan, Qena and Luxo governoratesr.

6th of October

It covers the Fayoum,Beni Suef governorates and 6th of October city .


It covers the Monufia governorate.


It covers the Asyut, Minya and Sohag governorates.

 FEI Services:

OSS Services

The one-stop shop provides IDA, commercial registry and tax services.

BDSC Services

The center supports the growth of the Egyptian industrial sector by providing a growing package of services that meet the needs of industrial establishments (with a focus on small and medium enterprises) in order to raise the competitiveness of the Egyptian industry.

LAW5 Services

The federation issues a certificate of fulfillment of the percentage of the local component for all FEI members.


"The Voice of Industry in Egypt" is the pivotal mission of FEI, and the undertaking we pledged to continue, and the responsibility we claimed and intend to serve to the fullest and to the best of our capabilities to recover the eminence and distinction of the Egyptian industries, a status Egypt has enjoyed throughout its history. Our belief remains to be that industry is the solid foundation for a nation's economy: a strong industry is an absolute essential for the prosperity and welfare of its people.

A country’s path to evolution and advancement can be measured by the progression of its industries. A healthy, stable and growing industrial sector reflects positively on all aspects of peoples’ lives, from creating jobs, eradicating poverty and destitution, to achieving equality and justice among citizens and society as a whole.

Furthermore, a sturdy industrial sector is capable of providing financing resources for the development of other life-related critical requirements such as education, health, scientific research and other fundamentals of a nation’s economy, and needs of its people.

FEI is keen to proceed with setting foundations, working on reforms and innovation, to strengthen the infrastructure for our local industries, with its member chambers, partners and all stakeholders.

FEI prides itself with working with local, regional and international partners; drawing the best available expertise, technologies and facilities to develop and implement strategies based on strengthening micro, small and medium-sized industries.

FEI is also pursuing the establishment of industrial parks in every governorate, in-tune with the natural resources and requirements of local markets in each. As well, FEI is playing a positive role towards supporting the set-up of small ancillary and complementary industries serving large-scale industries and promoting exports thus creating more jobs and drawing more investments.

Advocacy being a main role of FEI, it is always working closely with relevant governmental entities to defend and uphold the interests of all involved parties, namely: manufacturer, labor and consumer by constantly studying, reviewing and proposing legislations and regulations to enhance a positive environment that is growth-promoting.

We, at the Federation of Egyptian Industries, have also embraced the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility among our enterprises, the commitment to using clean and renewable energy whenever possible, as well as applying the latest management systems to achieve a Decent Work Environment and the pursuit of Sustainable Development.

A working frame we believe, shall help Egypt regain its leadership and claim back her place among developed countries, industrially, economically and socially, thus achieving opulence, stability and prosperity as a nation and for its citizens.

Eng. Mohamed Zaki El-Sewedy,

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